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Re: DFSG FAQ (draft)

Barak Pearlmutter <barak@cs.may.ie> writes:

> Okay, I rephrased the GFDL stuff a bit.  Let me know if you're not
> comfortable with it.

"Debian in general does not consider material under the GFDL with any
significant clauses "activated" to be free."

"Almost no one would seriously contend that the GFDL is a good license
for digital materials."

I think it's still too harsh.  A few active posters on debian-legal
are not "Debian in general".

(IMHO, the GFDL is a very interesting starting point, and will almost
certainly evolve to something genuinely useful.  The problems that are
considered fundamental by the fundamentalists are actually pretty
minor, the question of invariant sections aside.)

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