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Re: GNU FDL and Debian

Dylan Thurston <dpt@math.harvard.edu> writes:

> To be precise, the reference you cited (thanks!) makes it clear that
> RMS considers the "free" in "free software" to apply only to the
> "technical functionality" of the work, whether the work is a program
> or documentation: he writes

The problem is that the requirement to add a political essay *is* a
restriction on the technical part.  The technical part has one little
bit that reaches out and grasps onto the nontechnical essay.  And that
one little grommet to which the nontechnical essay is attached is an
uneditable part of the technical part.

If I were really free to edit the technical parts however I wanted, I
should be free to edit them by cutting loose all the nontechnical

One reason: because the technical parts might, for technical reasons,
need to be abridged.


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