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Re: migrating away from the FDL

Mathieu Roy wrote:
> > My question is: what's the right way to do this? If all contributors
> > agree, can I just drop the FDL from my 'legalese' paragraphs, replacing
> > it with a reference to the GPL, or do I have to mention the fact that
> > previous versions were licensed under the FDL? Do I have to wait for a
> > new update of those documents, or can I just go ahead and change the
> > license without changing the licensed text?
> Normally you can drop the ref. to the FDL completely. But note that if
> someone got a copy under the GNU FDL, he is free to continue to
> distribute it as GNU FDL, even if he knows that you relicensed it to
> the GPL.
> As author, you can relicense your production as you want, without
> changing the licensed text (at your option).

What about contributors who sent patches of maybe 5 lines?  They'd
have to be contacted as well, since they contributed to the FDL
version and hence implicitly released their patch under the FDL,



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