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Re: translations under Creative Commons license?

Michael D. Crawford wrote:

Suppose the Manifesto were a free document. That would allow Microsoft's PR flacks to "update" the Manifesto to exhort the user to protect corporate rights to intellectual property, and illustrate how respecting End User License Agreements stimulates not only the nation's, but the world's economy.

Would that serve the cause of freedom? The Free Software Foundation has never allowed anyone to modify the GNU Manifesto, yet I don't think anyone can argue that it is the seed from which Debian's Free Software sprouted.

I'm aiming to do the same thing with music, and I don't want the record industry to put words in my mouth. Neither do I want to allow that of people who might be well meaning but incompetent.

Perhaps you could require that any modified versions carried prominent notices stating that they had been modified and may not reflect your views anymore, or some such. Such clauses seem to be common in software licenses, so that modified versions are not confused with the original.

-- Keith

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