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Re: mplayer licenses

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 00:49, A Mennucc1 wrote:
> first of all, thanks a lot for the careful reading
> I will incorporate all change that you mention
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 12:03:56AM +1200, Adam Warner wrote:
> ....
> > ***** Could you rewrite this paragraph in a way that is less disparaging
> > of your fellow developers:
> ops 
> sorry I didn't mean the following to be in any way disparaging
> > ``I personally want to trust that a piece of code stating "GPL" or
> > "LGPL" is indeed DFSG complaint; if mantainers were so paranoids as to
>                                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> the above was meant to be hypothetical, and I am sorry if somebody
> was feeling belittled (prbl is also: my english is not good enough)

Understood. And it can be read as hypothetical (your English is fine).
It's just that some very significant free software is maintained by
"paranoids" who may also understand the spirit of the GPL.


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