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Re: GNU FDL and Debian

Scripsit Barak Pearlmutter <barak@cs.may.ie>

> Since the FSF felt that publishers could not use the GNU GPL for
> printed documentation, they adopted the GFDL for their manuals, to
> allow printed publication under terms they felt publishers would find
> acceptable.  (The correctness of their reasoning is irrelevant for our
> current purposes, so please let's not get into it.)

I think it is impossible not to get into this point when you propose:

> A solution that springs to mind is for the FSF to re-license manuals
> under a dual license: GFDL/GPL.  This would solve all the issues in
> one stroke.

To the extent that the GFDL caters for the wishes of publishers at
all, it is in that it makes it inconvenient for *competing* publishers
to publish and sell hardcopies. It would not help a publisher that
*he* has the text under GFDL if his competitors (or those that he
perceives as competitors) have it under the GPL.

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