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Packaging of dvd software

Hello all,

I have just asked on -mentors, and been referred to you for this
question, so here I am.  I am considering packaging a small (15K
compressed) utility that extracts data from video dvd's.  It does not
link against libdvdcss, although it will use it if found.  The program
itself is GPL, so no problems with licensing, but I am wondering if this
is legal for Debian to redistribute.  It does not itself burn new dvd's,
merely extracts the data from them in such a way that it is then easy to
burn them to a new disc with `mkisofs -dvd-video` and dvdrecord.

The thing I am unsure about is the whole area of dvd ripping - does the
DMCA & co. prohibit this sort of thing entirely, making it impossible
for Debian to redistribute it?  Is it legal to just extract to hard
drive and file sharing is when one gets into problems?  I see that
transcode is not in Debian, so I am assuming there are some problems of
this sort, although I am not sure.  If someone who has familiarity with
these issues cares to enlighten me, I would appreciate it.  

Please cc: me, as I am not subscribed to -legal.  I have set the
Reply-To: header to reflect this.

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