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Re: translations under Creative Commons license?

Other posters have said most of what I think, so we'll leave most of it

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 03:12:42PM -0400, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> Now my question: I wish to encourage translations to languages other than 
> English.  I want to require that any translations be faithful to my 
> original article, both in the facts presented and the opinions expressed.  

How are you going to check this?  Unless you are fluent in the language (in
which case, you could do the translation yourself) how do you know that a
translator isn't a shill for the RIAA, changing your words around to change
your opinion?

The only answer to this is identical to what you would do if someone made a
derivative work in English - you would have the ability to sue them for
misrepresenting you.

> How can I best accomplish this?  While I haven't looked into it very hard 
> yet, I am unaware of a license that provides what I want.  The Creative 
> Commons Attribution-NoDerivs license comes the closest to what I want with 
> the exception that it doesn't allow for translation.
> The Attribution-ShareAlike license _does_ allow for translation, 
> unfortunately it also allows for derivative works that may alter my 
> expressions of opinion, and doesn't require translations to be faithful.

A translation is a derivative work, that's why they're in the same licence. 

- Matt

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