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Re: migrating away from the FDL

Brian Calson said:
>I realize (and this is a gross
>generalization; please pardon me) that people that have stronger ties >to the FSF and GNU are more likely to feel that the GFDL is free than >those that have stronger ties to Debian.

This may be true overall, but my sense is that among GCC developers, most believe that the GFDL is not free, at least if it includes Invariant Sections (which the GCC manual does).

Many GCC developers appear to think that the manual doesn't *need to* be free, but that's a different matter. :-) (They are much like the Debian Developers who think that "non-free non-programs" should be allowed in Debian "main", except that the GNU project *doesn't* promise that it will remain "100% free software", and Debian *does*.)


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