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GFDL and man pages

I am working on a package (csound) that has no manpages or documentation
of any sort (include --help) in the source archive. There is, however, a
detailed reference manual[1] with the GFDL license that includes command-line
program documentation[2,3]. There are no invariant or cover sections, but
there is an Acknowledgements section.

Am I safe to make manpages from this reference manual? Would that be a
derivative work? What attribution do I need to include and where (in the
manpages themselves, or in the copyright file, etc.)?


1. http://kevindumpscore.com/docs/csound-manual/
2. http://kevindumpscore.com/docs/csound-manual/commandtop.html
3. http://kevindumpscore.com/docs/csound-manual/utilitytop.html

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