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Re: GFDL - status?

Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> wrote:
> Is my license which requires you to buy a jar of pickle relish every
> time you run the program a free software license?

The act of running the program is not restricted by a copyright licence,
so would that even be a valid licence?  If not, it's clearly not free.
Likewise, nothing in GNU FDL can require you to get the invariant sections
when you read the documentation.

Maybe a better question is whether a free software licence can require
you to receive a jar of pickle relish with the software, and to give a
jar of pickle relish with every copy you distribute?  Actually, I think
even that analogy may be flawed unless we have an unlimited public-access
pickle relish supply, but this pickle-passing licence may even pass all
DFSG tests, IIRC.  Bizarre.

(Remember, I know this doesn't directly change the opinion of FDL.)
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