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Re: migrating away from the FDL

> My question is: what's the right way to do this? If all contributors
> agree, can I just drop the FDL from my 'legalese' paragraphs, replacing
> it with a reference to the GPL, or do I have to mention the fact that
> previous versions were licensed under the FDL? Do I have to wait for a
> new update of those documents, or can I just go ahead and change the
> license without changing the licensed text?

Normally you can drop the ref. to the FDL completely. But note that if
someone got a copy under the GNU FDL, he is free to continue to
distribute it as GNU FDL, even if he knows that you relicensed it to
the GPL.
As author, you can relicense your production as you want, without
changing the licensed text (at your option).

(I'm not a lawyer! But I'm sure someone will object if I'm saying


Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker: 

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