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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

John Goerzen wrote:
> All of the arguments being made about freeness of documentation -- that
> somebody may want to develop a document based on the original -- would also
> apply to licenses (perhaps I wish to develop a license based on the GPL). 
> Yet we are ignoring the problem with the licenses.

There's a very easy answer to this. We want to promote lots of freely
available documentation, but we would prefer to *limit* the number of
free software licenses, because of licence incompatabily, poor wording
by non-lawyers, and so on.

So we've done with licenses just what you ask for here:

> DFSG represents a set of guidelines for software.  We should be able to look
> at those guidelines, and see how documentation differs from software in
> relevant areas, and consider whether we need to apply them differently to
> documentation.

I at least, did not form my current opinion about what freedoms should
apply to documentation in Debian without considering that and weighing
the arguments of RMS and others. But I've found them somewhat lacking.

see shy jo

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