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Re: GFDL - status?

On Monday, Jul 7, 2003, at 09:14 US/Eastern, Florian Weimer wrote:
	You may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the
	reading or further copying of the copies you make or distribute.
That's basically a copyleft scheme.

I think that's what it was meant to be. However, it is overly broad. For example, given a document A.tex under the GFDL:

	$ cp A.tex B.tex

I have now made a a copy of a GFDL'd work. The paragraph seems to apply.

	chmod go-rw B.tex

Wow, I've now used a technical measure to obstruct and control the reading and copying of my copy.

I'd better not access my file server over a IPSEC VPN, either!

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