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Re: Advice on Drip (ITP #156287)

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003, Robert Millan wrote:

> It is important to note that libdvdcss is _NOT_ part of Drip. There are
> unofficial libdvdcss packages around, and I added them to Build-Conflicts
> to ensure Drip is not accidentaly linked against it.

   Uh? I suggest you have a more precise look at the Drip source code
and see how exactly it uses libdvdcss. My understanding is that it does
not at all: it only uses libdvdread. The Drip author seems to be
largely confusing what is installed at build time and what is present
at runtime; the warning about libdvdcss not being present is triggered
when libdvdcss is not present on the _build_ system.

   So I think you should just remove your README.Debian note, and let
the user see the libdvdread debconf note about its optional use of
libdvdcss. That ought to be enough.


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