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Re: Inconsistencies in our approach

John Goerzen said:
> Problem #2: Double Standards
> We have, and continue to, allow information to be distributed with
> software under even more strict terms than the FDL.

The entire debate revolves around the question of "will [we]* continue to
allow information to be distributed under non-free terms within Debian"?

>                                                      Examples of these
> things include licenses.
> All of the arguments being made about freeness of documentation -- that
> somebody may want to develop a document based on the original -- would
> also apply to licenses (perhaps I wish to develop a license based on
> the GPL).  Yet we are ignoring the problem with the licenses.

You are free to do so.  See the preamble of the GPL for instructions on how.
 Basically, just change the name and remove the preamble, and you can change
the license however you want.

It doesn't change the terms under which you can modify and distribute Emacs,


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