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Re: Unicode Character Database

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 03:50:22AM +0200, Jakob Bohm wrote:
> The license appears to have CHANGED since version 3.2.0, I base
> this on the note at the end saying that the unihan files contain
> different terms which are overridden by the new license.  The
> large unihan files are unchanged since 3.2.0 and were left
> unchanged to avoid the server load incurred by redundant
> downloads.


Now that's a little more like it.  Actually tackling the question of
whether the license is DFSG-free or not.

I tend to approach license analysis from the other direction though.

I read it point by point with my "freedom instincts" in mind, and when
those instincts react negatively, I say something.  *Most* of the time,
my instincts are matched by an explicit DFSG violation, but sometimes
they're not.

Remember, our goal is ensure that Debian is 100% Free Software, and our
guidelines are just a tool to help us achieve that goal.

However, I don't object to your method in the least.  It's useful, and
it's head and shoulders better than most of the other discussion on this


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