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arts + juk + XMMS + ALSA = no juk Bogofilter no longer works in KMail Re: Bug#284981: libarts1: frequent static and skipping of audio Bug#287566: KAccel handling causes mass konqueror segfaults on russian systems can not load courier[adobe] font Can't select KDE compiling qt/kde apps (can not find Qt (>= Qt 3.0) (library -mt) ) Control-B in Konsole controlling knotify messages debian plastig packages Disk i/o overloading and cpu monitoring DPMS doesn't work with KDE Re: Error Files associations font problem in debian Re: getting Juk to use gstreamer backend How to start KDE CVS version from KDM? Integrating an 'unclutter'ed mouse cursor with the Control Center java security problems in Konqueror k3b error Re: KAB access error after update kaffeine crashes when playing video file KDE 3.3.1 screeensaver crash KDE 3.3.2 packages now available in experimental Re: kde 3.3.x KDE does not find help documentation kde network programs very unstable since upgrade to 3.3.2 KDE Restart -- Necessary? kdm does not start when rebooting kmail and address book kmail autostarts KMail: Deleting freezes the system Re: KMail+IMAP problem (Was: KDE 3.3.2 packages now available in experimental) KMail problems Kmail & vimpart Kmenuedit files Re: Konqueror Bug, Take II: Origins Konqueror doesn't save file associations Konqueror menu bar disappearing spontaneously... kopete/testing KOrganizer crash on start up kwin-baghira: Baghira is grey Logitech cordless keyboard causing kwin lockups? Re: ls colors Messed up renaming boxes Mounting CIFS shares causes KDE lockups Re: Mounting CIFS shares causes KDE lockups (possible famd problem) mouse cursor theme Re: Newest kmail: mails not displayed in preview pane [OT] cdr issues [ WAS Re: kde 3.3.x ] Problems with KAudioCreator+AudioCD Re: proposal for the KDE 3.3 transition Removable devices Sarge KDE weird icon colors on selecting/highliting? Session management SVG symlinks in Konqs bookmark.xml ? unsubscribe Re: Upgrading from 3.1.X to 3.2.2 : KDM not working anymore webdav:// -- how is it supposed to work Why is KSnapshot in a subfolder in the k menu? Window/widget focus (clipping?) problems You associated text/html files to Konqueror but it is not able to handle this file type. The last update was on 17:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 202 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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