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Re: kde 3.3.x

On December 11, 2004 15:38, Doug Holland wrote:
> Any idea when we'll see KDE 3.3.2 in sid?  I know that you guys are
> working hard on getting 3.3.1 into sarge, so I'm not expecting the
> packages instantly.  Still. 3.3.2 has some nice fixes to khtml and
> konqueror that fix some rendering errors on certain web sites (gmail
> and Ars Technica forums, for example.)  I just want a heads up if
> you're not too terribly busy.

As I mentioned in the LKF, once the immediate problems with the current 
packages are fixed, we were planning to work on 3.3.2 packages, but 
rather than uploading to Sid, which would prevent 3.3.1 from entering 
Sarge, we would upload to a temporary repository (which would no doubt be 
announced on these lists).

Christopher Martin

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