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Re: How to start KDE CVS version from KDM?

On Monday 27 December 2004 11:46, Michael Thaler wrote:

> If I log in as user kde-devel on tty1 and use startx, I can start the KDE
> version from CVS. However, if I try to login as user kde-devel from KDM,
> KDE3.3 is started. What do I have to do to be able to login from KDM as
> user kde-devel and start the KDE CVS version of KDE?

Have a look at the '/usr/share/apps/kdm/session' directory. Duplicate the 
kde.dektop file, rename it to kde-cvs.desktop and change the lines beginning 
with 'Exec', 'TryExec' and 'Name' in this new file.
This will add a new session entry in your KDM. 


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