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Re: DPMS doesn't work with KDE

Lawrence Williams wrote:

> I am here with KDE 3.3.1 from unstable and have no problems with DPMS.
> Could you tell everyone a bit more about your config? like settings, etc.

The hardware is a Thinkpad T22. The video card is a Savage IX but I
don't think it is related to my problem because with the xset command
I can enable any DPMS state when running a window manager different
from KDE.

I installed a debian kernel image and debian packages for XFree86 and
KDE. These are the versions of the packages:

$ dpkg -l kernel-image-2.6.8-1-686 xserver-xfree86 kdebase
||/ Nom            Version        Description
ii  kernel-image-2 2.6.8-10       Linux kernel image for version 2.6.8 on PPro
ii  xserver-xfree8 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 the XFree86 X server
ii  kdebase        3.3.1-3        KDE Base metapackage

The only revelant config file I was able to find in KDE is located in




Please tell me if there are revelant informations missing.


Nicolas Baradakis

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