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Re: kde 3.3.x

* Mario Girlando [Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:07:40 +0100]:

> I've been running kde 3.3 on two different Sarge machines for about a month 
> with no problems at all. I don't have everything installed, however, since 
> kde is huge and I don't need all of it (particularly, I don't have kdeedu 
> or kdetoys installed). Is there any specific program you want me to test in 
> detail?

  the point was not to test official kde apps, but non-official ones.
  quoting from a previous mail of mine:

>   otoh, it would be helpful to install kdelibs 3.3 in a sarge machine
>   (or the full kde 3.3, even better) and test that the rest of
>   non-official applications (e.g., k3b, kaffeine, digikam, showimg,
>   kvim, kile, gwenview, konserve and a lot more) still do work
>   correctly.


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