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Re: Session management

On Wednesday 22 December 2004 17:22, Alex Nordstrom wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:28, Derek Broughton wrote:
> > Is there some way to "wrap" a non-KDE application somehow, so that
> > the session manager will restart it?  I use JDeveloper (Java IDE)
> > which doesn't do proper session management, but _does_ remember
> > (most) of its settings, so if I could just make KDE restart it if it
> > was running when I logged out, I'd be happy.
> The options you want are in the Control Center, under KDE
> Components->Session Manager.

Uh-uh.... It has an option to _exclude_ an application from session 
management, but there is no way to tell it I want to _start_ a specific 
application.  I could just add it to the auto-start menu, but I don't 
_always_ want it to start.  

> > On a somewhat-related topic, how is it possible to create a "manually
> > saved session", that can be loaded when you set the session manager
> > options to start with the manually saved session?
> Once "On Login" is set to "Restore manually saved session" in the
> aforementioned Control Center view, a "Save Session" option will appear
> in the K menu.

Ah.  That isn't remotely explained in the associated help.  There's an 
implication that the Save Session option should always be there.   It doesn't 
seem helpful - you don't appear to be able to tell it _which_ saved session 
to restore.  Isn't this behavior exactly what you would get with:
 On Login Restore Session: yes/no
 On Logout Save Session: yes/no
except that you would have to logout to effect the "Save Session"?

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