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Re: kaffeine crashes when playing video file

I think Kaffeine is version 1.0 (it is taken from the kmultimedia deb,
unfortuantely, I am not sitting at the computer where I have kaffeine
installed). Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce MMX2. Driver: I am using the normal
debian kernel 2.4.18 and not the one for Nvidia. Is that what you mean with

Do these answers help?


> Mandag den 13. december 2004 19:47 skrev Christian Biermann:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I am using Woody with KDE 3.2.2. When playing a dvd with Kaffeine it
> works
> > well. When I try to add a file to the play list or play a file from
> > konqueror by opening it with Kaffeine it crashes.
> Which version of kaffeine are you using. What chipset are you running on?
> Are 
> you using latest drivers?
> Also you might want to try kaffeine-user@lists.sourceforge.net, instead of
> this list. You might have a bit more response there. Kaffeine is not a
> part 
> of the KDE distribution. Yet.. ;)
> Anders
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