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Re: Kmail & vimpart

Ferdinand Smit wrote:

Does anyone now how to use the vim embedded in the composer of kmail. When i google about this, i only find sites that say that it is posible, but not explaining how to turn it on.


as the (nearly-ex-)maintainer of vimpart/kvim , I can say the following : go kick kmail developers. They have the technology, people made the patches but they still don't want to add it apparently.
there is a wish bug on bugs.kde.org that you can vote for too.

in any case vimpart is dying, if you want a really working vim into KDE apps you should look at <shameless ads>Yzis</shameless ads> (http://www.yzis.org) we will be probably removing vimpart from KDE cvs soon so it won't be in kde 3.4 and further.

now I want Yzis support in kmail :) (so keep kicking kmail devs ;)


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