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Re: Bug#284981: libarts1: frequent static and skipping of audio

* Kevin McKernan [Thu, 09 Dec 2004 17:32:28 -0500]:

> Since upgrading to the latest version of aRts and restarting the sound server, the audio 
> skips and there is static while doing nearly anything involving more than just typing or 
> moving the mouse in X. This includes switching virtual desktops, minimizing or 
> maximizing windows, and even switching tabs in Firefox.

  in its latest upload, aRts got removed the realtime capabilities in
  the default installation. this can result in a worse performance, but
  it was done to fix some rather nasty hangs that aRts was causing on
  certain systems.

  please see /usr/share/doc/libarts1/README.Debian for details. in
  short, if you were not experiencing those hang, that file will explain
  you how to restore realtime capabilities to arts.

  also, have you akode installed? if you don't, please install it before
  restoring realtime cap. to arts and give us some feedback as if it
  improves your situation at all. 


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