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Re: k3b error

2004. december 28. 12:57,
Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> 
-> debian-kde@lists.debian.org,:
> Anyone any ideas how to verify this further. (I can't even figure out
> how I can do a manual verification using command line tools - so even
> advice on how to do that would be useful).

Try turning off K3b's verification, and do a manual verification with 
cfv (apt-get install cfv).

Before writing out the stuff, put them into a single directory, and run 
this cfv command in that dir:

$ cfv -rr -C -t md5 -i -V -f checksumfile.md5
this will make a single file with the checksums.

After this, write out the stuff in that dir, and mount the written cd 
into a directory. Cd into that dir, and run the cfv program to check 
the written files:

$ cfv -T -i -V -t md5 -f /path/to/checksumfile.md5

This will verify the written files.




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