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Re: kwin-baghira: Baghira is grey

On Sun, 2004-12-19 at 18:22 +0100, Yevgen Reznichenko wrote:
> Hello!
> Just now all my widgets in baghira were blue, but after I played with
> settings of baghira style as root user, it changed something. For normal
> user all widgets now are grey and I don't know how to change back to
> blue. I have been through all settings and I am not able to find, how I
> to specify baghira to use this eyecandy liquid (aqua, blue or what ever
> is the name for this) style. Who has an advise?
> Yevgen

You might have to change to colour scheme. That usually fixes Baghira
for me. (There is even a colour scheme called Baghira, Panther, Tiger,
or Jaguar somewhere at < http://kde-look.org >.) Also, try running
Sometimes, randomly changing things will help. I found that changing
Baghira settings is inconsistent; sometimes, unwanted extra changes are

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