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Mounting CIFS shares causes KDE lockups

Could anybody else try this? I have been having trouble with KDE ever since I 
started using CIFS to mount my samba shares instead of SMB.

When I mount CIFS eventually, but not always immidiately, I get the following 

If I access the KDE start menu (the K-menu) the button just goes down and then 
stays down, and the kicker panel locks up completely.

I can't reply to emails or compose new emails. If I try that, KMail locks up 

Any application that tries to open a file dialog will lock up. For instance, 
"Save file" dialogs in konqueror will cause it to lock up. Open file dialogs 
in Kaffeine will cause it to lock up.

Note that file dialogs and konqueror instances that are already open in file 
mode will usually not lock up, and you can continue to use them.

If you shut down KDE with ctrl+alt+backspace and then try to log in again, the 
log in stops on the second step. I think it's the Initialise System Services 

Anders E. Andersen

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