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kde network programs very unstable since upgrade to 3.3.2

I've recently upgraded a couple of machines from 3.3.0 and 
3.2 to kde 3.3.1 respectively (or whichever the latest of 
everything in sid is). Since rebooting every program that 
uses libkdenetwork (i think) has become prone to freezing 
permanently and in some cases freezing everything else in 
kde too. On one machine merely accessing the internet will 
freeze the system. 

I've already recreated all my .kde preferences and this 
seems to fix things temporarily but

a) I'm fed up with losing all my kde preferences after 
upgrades (this isn't the first time I've had to)
b) The problem seems to come back this time after a couple 
of days.

Generally I'm not too impressed with the stability of 3.3 in 
Debian. My transition to 3.2 went much more smoothly.

Has anyone else had harsh upgrade problems? Right now I'm 
chronically aware of why 3.3 shouldn't go into Sarge. The 
3.2 packages hold together much better.

sorry to be negative, i'm usually very impressed with the 
package standard. Might part of the problem be intra-kde 
package dependencies that are not tight enough? 


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