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Control-B in Konsole

I recently upgraded from KDE 3.2 to KDE 3.3.1.  I run mutt and trn in
konsole sessions.  Mutt, by default, uses control-B to browse URLs out
of emails - a very useful feature.  However, since the upgrade, Control-B
seems to be bound to a single-column bookmark editor of some sort.
It comes up empty, so it is not the standard konsole bookmarks that you
access from the application menu, because I have a lot of entries there.

So, stright after boot, I try to browse the URLs in an email with
control-B, and instead a KDE bookmark dialogue pops up.

However, if I press control-V, it disables this feature and my control-B
is no longer captured by konsole.  I haven't tried yet if any other key
will also let control-B pass through or if any other keys are affected.

I can't find control-B in the konsole shortcuts to disable the initial
behaviour.  I can't find control-V either to see what option that is
changing.  I do have a workaround but I am very curious to know what is
going on ! :-)


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