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Re: KDE does not find help documentation

Christian Biermann wrote:

> Hi Matej,
> I searched for your e-mail addresse and also in combination with
> khelpcenter of this group. Unfortunately, I did not find the thread you
> are refering to. Do you still have it available and could send it to me?

The Subject: is '"No Text!" in kde menu bar and duplicated items', it was
discussed on October 5, 2004 (gmane.org is your friend!), but when I made
the effort and found the message in my Outbox, I can share with you the
exact advice which helped me (and others):

1) logout from KDE,
2) login in console as a root,
3) stop KDE, i.e., '/etc/init.d/kdm stop' if you use graphic login as
4) aptitude (or apt-get) update; aptitude upgrade
5) dpkg -P --force-depends kdelibs-data
   dpkg -i kdelibs-data_{your-version}_all.deb
6) /etc/init.d/kdm start
7) Everything should be OK.

Let us know how it worked.


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej
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