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Re: Mounting CIFS shares causes KDE lockups

Fredag den 10. december 2004 09:44 skrev Marcin Juszkiewicz:
> Dnia piątek 10 grudnia 2004 09:36, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen napisał:
> > Could anybody else try this? I have been having trouble with KDE ever
> > since I started using CIFS to mount my samba shares instead of SMB.
> I have that too - at work I use one share from Samba3 server and when try
> to access it from any KDE application I have to kill that app because of
> lock up.

I never had this with smbfs, but the trouble with that is that it cannot 
translate iso8859-1 characters right, so filenames with danish characters get 
mangled. That's why I turned to using cifs. But now I am thinking about 
installing something completely different to get the job done. CODA perhaps..

Thanks for the confirmation. I will report it.


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