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Re: Removable devices

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 15:45, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Thanks for your replies. Although kcontrol center comes close, it does not
> do what I really need:
> - usb stick plugged off: no icon
> - usb stick plugged in: icon (not mounted)
> - usb stick plugged in and mounted: icon (mounted)
> Case 2 and 3 work already today, but I do not see case 1 working.
> My assumption is that knoppix creates with hotplug scipts Desktop files
> like

I'd like to understand how this works, because my CDRW does exactly what you 
want - I have no icon if the drive isn't in its bay, an unmounted Icon most 
of the time, and a mounted icon when it's actually in use.  I got that 
behaviour entirely accidentally.  The unmounted floppy icon is _always_ on 
the desktop, even though it shares the bay with the CDRW, so at most one of 
them should be on my desktop.

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