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Window/widget focus (clipping?) problems


My desktop starts OK, but after a few clicks, "mouse focus" completely sticks 
to some window or widget.

For example, a vertical tree widget may grab the focus and even if I click 
somewhere outside it, one of the items still get selected -- as if the window 
was infinitely wide, despite the visually correct clipping.

If the selected window allows transferring focus to some other window by 
keyboard (e.g. tab, shift-tab, alt-tab), this "mouse focus" (or click point 
clipping or whatever it is) is also transferred.

After a while, the desktop usually becomes completely uninteractive, probably 
because the focus has moved to some entity that doesn't handle keyboard nor 
mouse events at all. Restarting Kwin through a remote shell helps for a 
while, as it moves the focus to some of its' managed windows on startup.

Something must have been broken withing the last 2 weeks or so as that's when 
I last restarted the system (before yesterday evening, that is).

- Jarno

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