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kmail autostarts


I am tracking sarge, with most of kde 3.3.1 from unstable, including 
kmail 1.71.  For the most part it looks good and works well.  One 
annoying little quirk has cropped up recently.  Whenever I log in, 
kmail starts up on its own whether it was up in the previous session or 
not.  It seems to come up and grab focus which means that, if I'm doing 
something else at the time, I inadvertently type a few characters into 
kmail instead.  It's little disconcerting to be typing in a konsole 
session, say, and have kmail pop up, quickly followed by a new message 
or reply.

This has just shown up in the last few days.  I wonder if anyone else 
has seen this behavior.  Bug 42930 sounds kind of similar but not 
exactly what I am seeing.

Bud Rogers <budr@netride.net>  KD5SZ

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