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Re: kde 3.3.x

Le vendredi 10 Décembre 2004 18:16, Adeodato Simó a écrit :

>   otoh, it would be helpful to install kdelibs 3.3 in a sarge machine
>   (or the full kde 3.3, even better) and test that the rest of
>   non-official applications (e.g., k3b, kaffeine, digikam, showimg,
>   kvim, kile, gwenview, konserve and a lot more) still do work
>   correctly.
>   that's certainly an area in which anybody interested in seeing kde 3.3
>   in sarge can help.
>     (well, any of these applications is expected to break, but one can
>     never be sure. rationale for testing is that once kdelibs enter,
>     versions of these applications compiled against kdelibs 3.3 can
>     enter, but it won't be immediate and some of them could get not
>     updated as well).

ok, what do we need to help you ? if a understand well, just install a new 
sarge machine and install the kde 3.3 libs as soon as they appear and test 
the programs ?

We can do that at the office on a scratch pc

Benoit Mortier
OpenSides sprl
Linux Engineer

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