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Re: kde network programs very unstable since upgrade to 3.3.2

El Jueves, 2 de Diciembre de 2004 18:26, Caoilte O'Connor escribió:
> any thing using libkdenetwork (kopete and konqueror freeze
> instantly, maybe others). You may very well be right about
> the binary incompatability, although why it would be fixed
> (even temporarily) by regenerating my .kde remains beyond
> me.

Well... first, the binary compatibility problem, normally causes that you have 
to restart the KDE session. Moving the .kde, IMHO, should be done in other 
kind of situations.

Second: That surprises me a bit. :-(

Kopete never crashed in my machine, and konqueror 3.3.x only in a few websites 
which are known bugs.

And know the more interesting thing: _neither_ kopete or konqueror use 
libkdenetwork2. :-)

IIRC, libkdenetwork was written for kmail, and it was moved from kdenetwork to 
kdepim, so only kdepim apps use it (apt-cache rdepends is your friend) and 
still has the old name.

> is there a guide/howto/utility anywhere for doing this? I
> know how to get a few things back (my address book,
> konqueror bookmarks and so forth) but am clueless about
> passwords, internet history, etc, etc.

No, unfortunately not. Just have a look how the configuration is stored (I 
know this can be horrible, yes). Usually the config for an application is 
stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/name and in ~/.kde/share/config/namerc.

Knowing that, you can workaround some problems. A simple solution, is make a 
backup of your ~/.kde some times. I do this automatically and very easily 
every week with konserve.

If you still want to test what is happening, try starting kopete from a 
terminal, and paste the errors, or install debsums, and run it in the 
applications or libraries that you are having problems with.

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