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Re: Session management

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 15:03, Derek Broughton wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 December 2004 17:22, Alex Nordstrom wrote:
> > On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:28, Derek Broughton wrote:
> > > Is there some way to "wrap" a non-KDE application somehow, so
> > > that the session manager will restart it?  I use JDeveloper (Java
> > > IDE) which doesn't do proper session management, but _does_
> > > remember (most) of its settings, so if I could just make KDE
> > > restart it if it was running when I logged out, I'd be happy.
> >
> > The options you want are in the Control Center, under KDE
> > Components->Session Manager.
> Uh-uh.... It has an option to _exclude_ an application from session
> management, but there is no way to tell it I want to _start_ a
> specific application.  I could just add it to the auto-start menu,
> but I don't _always_ want it to start.

Any program not explicitly excluded should consequently be included, 
provided "On Login" is set to anything other than "Start with an empty 
session". It doesn't appear to me that non-KDE programs would be 
excluded (at least GTK programs appear to be remembered).

> > > On a somewhat-related topic, how is it possible to create a
> > > "manually saved session", that can be loaded when you set the
> > > session manager options to start with the manually saved session?
> >
> > Once "On Login" is set to "Restore manually saved session" in the
> > aforementioned Control Center view, a "Save Session" option will
> > appear in the K menu.
> Ah.  That isn't remotely explained in the associated help.  There's
> an implication that the Save Session option should always be there. 

That would hardly make sense were the session management not set up to 
use saved sessions.

> It doesn't seem helpful - you don't appear to be able to tell it
> _which_ saved session to restore. 

As I understand it, the only one saved is the last session saved. That 
is, what you saw when you last clicked "Save Session" is what you 
(should) get.

> Isn't this behavior exactly what 
> you would get with: On Login Restore Session: yes/no
>  On Logout Save Session: yes/no

I'm not seeing those options. Perhaps you're using a different KDE 

> except that you would have to logout to effect the "Save Session"?

I believe the whole idea of the "Restore manually saved session" option 
would be that you shouldn't have to log out just to save the session. 
It appears that what you want is "Restore previous session", though, 
since you don't always want the program in question started.

Alex Nordstrom
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