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[OT] cdr issues [ WAS Re: kde 3.3.x ]

Hi Lawrence,

[ CC'ing the lists (OT, yes - sorry), since I'm pretty sure that others 
will mail me with the same answer you've given. ]

On Thursday 16 December 2004 22:47, you wrote:
> Hello,
> New security code introduced in 2.6.8 broke some stuff with
> cdrecord/k3b.
> See www.k3b.org for more information

Yes, I'm very much aware of the 2.6.8 issues, but notice that I had 
trouble with my recorder even with 2.6.7. Also, Debian's 2.6.8 kernel 
purposedly "fixed" these issues some time ago - but for me (and many 
others according to some googling) cd recording is still a bit 
troublesome these days - at least with 2.6.x.

[ please follow up to debian-user should anyone respond to this mail ]

Best regards,
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