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Re: Mounting CIFS shares causes KDE lockups

I had lots of trouble latelely trying to get a samba client working properly 
on a fresh sarge install on an Acer Travelmate Laptop (with 2.6.9 kernel).  
Somewhere I read that cifs works (instead of smbfs), but I also had all sorts 
of lockups and errors.  When KDE was having trouble I was getting smb 
messages in my syslog, so it might not be a KDE problem at all, but a kernel 


On Friday 10 December 2004 09:36, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> Could anybody else try this? I have been having trouble with KDE ever since
> I started using CIFS to mount my samba shares instead of SMB.
> When I mount CIFS eventually, but not always immidiately, I get the
> following errors:
> If I access the KDE start menu (the K-menu) the button just goes down and
> then stays down, and the kicker panel locks up completely.
> I can't reply to emails or compose new emails. If I try that, KMail locks
> up completely.
> Any application that tries to open a file dialog will lock up. For
> instance, "Save file" dialogs in konqueror will cause it to lock up. Open
> file dialogs in Kaffeine will cause it to lock up.
> Note that file dialogs and konqueror instances that are already open in
> file mode will usually not lock up, and you can continue to use them.
> If you shut down KDE with ctrl+alt+backspace and then try to log in again,
> the log in stops on the second step. I think it's the Initialise System
> Services step.
> Anders E. Andersen

C. Hurschler
Bodenstedtstr. 13
30173 Hannover

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