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Re: getting Juk to use gstreamer backend

El Martes, 21 de Diciembre de 2004 16:27, Jason E. Stewart escribió:
> > I don't have arts enabled and it works fine with the other backend.
> The only backends listed with 'apt-cache show juk' are gstreamer and
> arts - perhaps that should be updated. What is the *other* backed? I
> tried to play songs directly after installing juk and got no sound.
> Installing gstreamer didn't help.
> There is also no preferences dialog to choose the sound backend, and
> the manual doesn't have any information either. So I'm a bit clueless
> how to proceed.

You are right, is a bit confusing. IIRC, there are only two backends, arts and 
gstreamer. When only one is available, the UI doesn't allows to choose between 
them, because wouldn't make sense.

Doen't juk work with arts? Do you need gstreamer for a special reason?

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