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Re: kde network programs very unstable since upgrade to 3.3.2

Torsdag den 2. december 2004 12:39 skrev Caoilte O'Connor:
> Hi,
> I've recently upgraded a couple of machines from 3.3.0 and
> 3.2 to kde 3.3.1 respectively (or whichever the latest of
> everything in sid is). Since rebooting every program that
> uses libkdenetwork (i think) has become prone to freezing
> permanently and in some cases freezing everything else in
> kde too. On one machine merely accessing the internet will
> freeze the system.

Agreed. My freshly installed Sid, with Kde 3.3.1 seems to lock up at the most 
inopportune moments. KMail locks up when it feels like it. Konqueror locks up 
at websites that seems to have worked before, or when some network resource 
becomes unexpectedly unavailable. And when it locks, you can't start any new 
instances of konqueor (not even in file manager mode) untill the deadlock has 
been resolved.. I am beginning to think I should have installed testing 
instead of unstable.


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