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Re: Bogofilter no longer works in KMail

On Mon 20 December 2004 23:06, Antiphon wrote:
> I have KMail set up to use Bogofilter to preprocess messages but it
> doesn't seem to do anything any more.

Did you recently upgrade Bogofilter (in Sid)? Because if so then you'll 
have to change the filter in KMail. Instead of filtering on the 
X-Bogosity header containing 'Yes' you now have to have it filter on 
matching the regexp 'spam\b' (if you just change 'yes' to 'spam' you'll 
send everything to the spam bin since the word "spamicity" which is 
always in the X-Bogosity header contains the string "spam", which is 
why 'contains' has to be changed to 'matches regexp').

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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