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Re: KDE 3.3.2 packages now available in experimental

* Bernd Schubert [Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:16:07 +0100]:

> > OTH, 3.3 is in a much better state than 3.2, especially due to fixed
> > upstream's bugs.

> Unfortunately they introduced new bugs :-( Its pretty annoying that e.g.
> kmail with IMAP is not usuable for me since kde-3.3 (using sid). As I know
> that a least one member in our group is extensivly using IMAP+kmail, I
> really don't know what to do if this isn't fixed when Sarge will be
> released.
  perhaps #281705? we have it marked as "Sarge really must ship with the
  fix to #281705."

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