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Logitech cordless keyboard causing kwin lockups?

Hello all,

I have a problem with partial lockups involving Kwin, XFree86, the 
suspected culprit being a Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro (ergonomical, 
cordless keyboard and trackball-based mouse combo), and I would like 
help with ideas for further trouble-shooting, solutions or 
recommendations for a possible bug report.


CPU usage goes to 100% and visual applications become unresponsive. 
Switching to a virtual terminal is not possible, neither with the 
Logitech keyboard nor with another keyboard, as they are unresponsive. 
The mouse pointer remains active, but clicking anywhere has little 

Results of investigation

I can SSH into the box, and while somewhat slow, it is still quite 
responsive. top reveals XFree86 running at nice -10 using about 80% of 
the CPU, a kdeinit process taking about 10% and other processes 
accounting for the remainder, being at normal levels.

The kdeinit process in question identifies itself as a kwin session when 
checking the information for the PID using ps. Killing the process 
resolves the problem (but I then have to use the mouse and find the 
letters k, w, i, and n to paste into a run dialogue to get the ability 
to type and interact with the windows again).

Help wanted

Further ideas for pinning down the problem would be appreciated. Random 
- dmesg doesn't appear to have anything interesting to say.
- ~.xsession-errors contains a few "X Error: BadWindow", but I'm not 
sure that's related.
- There seems to be little I can do to provoke the error; it comes up 
intermittently, days apart.
- I have observed the problem on two separate computers (both running 
Sid) with the same keyboard and mouse combo. The combo uses a USB port, 
and I also have a PS/2 keyboard hooked up to one of the computers, and 
an internal (PS/2?) keyboard in the other, which is a laptop.
- The problem has been around for several months (I've haven't had time 
or resources to deal with it, so I've simply not used the keyboard, to 
the detriment of my joints).

Should I file a bug report? Upstream or downstream? With kwin or 
whatever is responsible for dealing with the keyboard?

Is this a known problem? A quick Web search didn't reveal anything, but 
I'm not entirely sure which terms to use. I didn't see anything similar 
in bdo for kwin as far as I could tell. Which other components might I 
want to look at?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Alex Nordstrom
Please do not CC me in followups; I am subscribed to debian-kde.

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