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Re: DPMS doesn't work with KDE

> I have a valid XF86Config-4 file with DPMS enabled, and I can turn the
> monitor off when I run a window manager different from KDE.
> However with KDE 3.3.1 I have set DPMS in the display settings of the
> control center but it has no effect. The value I entered are here, but
> the screen will never shut down.
> $ xset q
> [...]
> DPMS (Energy Star):
>   Standby: 300    Suspend: 600    Off: 900
>   DPMS is Enabled
>   Monitor is On
> [...]
> Under KDE the command "xset dpms force off" (off or whatever) will do
> nothing. My monitor just sits there, as if I had never done anything.

Hm, what I found was that under kdm, DPMS settings in XF86Config-4 had 
no effect, but settings in the KDE Control Center did work.  But then 
again, sometimes they don't.  If my screen won't shut off, I have to 
restart my X server, then DPMS works again... but maybe only for a 
while.  :|

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