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[no subject] Re: '3c905b cyclone 100baseTx' was not assigned an IRQ Re: (forw) Bug#298060: Please don't install login as setuid root [Task #153] Porting qt-x11-free-3.3.3 [Task #152] Integrate xkb into the Hurd console [Task #152] [HurdFr] Integrate xkb into the Hurd console [Task #151] Make PrivilegeSeparation work in OpenSSH [Task #157] [HurdFr] apache2 [Task #154] gcc-3.3 sub-packages [Task #156] [HurdFr] wmakerconf [Task #155] [HurdFr] rox-filer [Task #158] Port libgtop to libps (and possibly other Hurdish interfaces) [Task #159] Improve hurd/gnumach/mig package descriptions [ debian-hurd-Patches-301244 ] [HurdFr] dpkg-gencontrol does not support architectures with a "-" in their name [ debian-hurd-Patches-301246 ] [HurdFr] cron : silly Build-Depends on selinux [ debian-hurd-Patches-301247 ] [HurdFr] imagemagick FTBFS [ debian-hurd-Patches-301248 ] [HurdFr] cdebootstrap FTBFS [ debian-hurd-Patches-301252 ] FTBFS - attr-2.4.21 [ debian-hurd-Patches-301259 ] #297580: parted [ debian-hurd-Patches-301259 ] #297580: parted (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-301211 ] #296115: ifupdown (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-301233 ] #295472, #295474: xfree86 (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-301341 ] [HurdFr] apache2 FTBFS [ debian-hurd-Patches-301303 ] gnupg (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-301321 ] FTBFS gkrellm [ pkg-hurd-Patches-301175 ] [HurdFr] #281870: tla [ pkg-hurd-Patches-301223 ] #296774: glib2.0 [ pkg-hurd-Patches-301233 ] #295472, #295474: xfree86 Re: [ debian-hurd-Patches-301247 ] [HurdFr] imagemagick FTBFS Re: [ debian-hurd-Patches-301248 ] [HurdFr] cdebootstrap FTBFS [md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri)] Re: Required firewall support being alone sucks Bug#298856: RFA: libsem Re: Bug#301064: gcc-3.4: FTBFS on hurd-i386: Missing headers Re: Re: console works, X aswell console works, X doesn't fakeroot FHS compliance FOSDEM: Hurd Developers' Mini-Symposium Roundup freeciv gcc-3.4 heads up I want to be with you right now......smaller Re: Link Broken More hurd packages Re: OSKit-Mach boot failure perl-modules lack some .pm on Hurd Please respond to me......selwyn Question about NAT on Debian GNU/Hurd RfC: Hurd console by default Shared IRQ Re: shared IRQs, boot fails SiS900 SSH, ping KILLED Swiss meds Re: Testers wanted: New installation method UNSUBSCRIBE Unsubscribe from all Emusing lists We called you 4 times xlockmore The last update was on 06:56 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 266 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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