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Re: FHS compliance

Pierre THIERRY <nowhere.man@levallois.eu.org> writes:

> > [Hurd servers] are totally useles to have in PATH
> But /lib/hurd is not in PATH, and the Hurd servers would perfectly fit
> in there.

They would "fit" in /usr/share/unrelated too.  But we chose /hurd as
being more descriptive.  /lib is for libraries, and is on the linkers
library search path.  It was a mistake for FHS to use it as broadly as
it does, because that slows down linking and makes filesystem
arrangement harder.

/hurd is FHS compliant, so we put it there.  

Why don't you explain why you care about this, since it isn't FHS
compliance, it isn't understanding, and it isn't to help with our


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