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Re: heads up

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

>    >    There is a major difference between the GNU/Hurd and all the
>    >    Linux and BSD ports.  We are creating a new os.
>    >
>    > I fail to see who exactly is creating a new OS.
>    Those people who are hacking the GNU Hurd and not playing Hurd
>    politics.
> Then you can't mean Debian GNU/Hurd.


>    > I know you cannot mean Debian GNU/Hurd, since it is a second
>    > class citizen within Debian and will _always_ be a second class
>    > citizen.
>    Why? Evidence?
> Debian.  Look around you, Debian GNU/Hurd must always defend anything
> that is done differently.

Debian????  Some Debian people are pro GNU Hurd.  Other Debian GNU/Linux
people defend their Linux position and start a debate.  This is to be
welcomed.  From the GNU Hurd side this debate should be conducted politely
and constructively.

>    Debian is made up of people with widely differing views, so some
>    will be interested in new os's, others indifferent, yet others
>    anti.  Your statement is misleading.
> It isn't, it is quite accurate.  Debian's main goal is to provide a
> single operating system, and that is Debian GNU/Linux.  People will
> complain for the sake of complaining that Debian GNU/Hurd does
> something differently from Debian GNU/Linux.  See the recent
> "discussion" about /hurd and the FHS, and see past discussions about
> similar topics.

Provision of GNU/Linux.  Main purpose yes, assumed.  Original purpose yes,
see Ian Murdoch's 1994 "The Debian Manifesto".  "Debian Constitution"
1999, no - Linux is not mentioned at all.  I do not know the history of
Debian's acceptance of GNU Hurd as a non-Linux port.

When above issues come up we need to debate well.  These are opportunities
for education.

>    > I also know that you cannot mean the GNU system, since "we"
>    > consists of less people then there are people hacking on the Hurd
>    > right now.
>    What do you mean?
> Sorry, I don't understand.

Let the debate continue.  Other participants welcome.


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